Happy Birthday, Mason!

Everyone knows Mas is about as fun as they get, but what you may not know is that he is a champion for quiet voices and unpopular ideas. His braveness makes us all better. – Heids

Happy Birthday, Mason!

Happy Birthday, Mason!

all sugar and sass
while sweetly and discreetly
guarding all our hearts

Happy Birthday, Carl!

Carl knows how to do a lot of things that the rest of us struggle with and manages to get everything done even though he’s a full time working, part time art making, part time MBA student dad of an infant. whoa. – Heids


Happy Birthday, Carl!

Happy Birthday, Carl!

ever on his toes
he leaps, arms out for a hug
and solves the problems.


Happy Birthday, Blake!

She’s glam. She’s smart. She’s got more love than just about anyone. It’s our Blake’s birthday today and we love her. – Heids


Happy Birthday, Blake!

Happy Birthday, Blake!

her eyes sometimes leak
with all the style, grace, and love
that she has to offer this small world.


See how the Rapture world is made

We are feeling super lucky to be working with a wonderful bunch of designers on RAPTURE. They’re creating a wonderful world for us to play in. And for you, our friends and fans, we offer you this sneak peek into what they’ve been up to…


Ted Moore, Sound Designer/Composer
Why do you like designing?
I like designing because I like making work collaboratively. Collaborating creates a whole new set of creative challenges and makes me think differently about the work that I do with SU and independently.

Tell me about the inspiration you’re working with for RAPTURE.
I want the sound to remind the audience of the underlying chaos and uncertainty that the characters don’t always portray in their efforts to overcome it.

And that inspiration is leading you to do what exactly?

This is feedback happening through a microphone and speaker in my living room. Because it’s usually a warning sound to things getting REALLY TOO loud, it has a sense of tension to it but it also can sound sweet and delicate.

This one is a melody that was the basis for a lot of the harmonic language that some of the other motives come from.

This last one is the clarinetist playing a timbral trill, meaning she is alternating between to fingerings that are so close in frequency that they sound like two slightly different timbres on the same pitch.

Shannon pic

Shannon Morgan, Set Designer
Why do you like designing?
I enjoy designing sets because it gives me the ability to manipulate any space to create a completely different location. I also enjoy creating seemingly 3-D shapes out of a flat surface, such as brick or stones on a wall.

Tell me about the inspiration you’re working with for RAPTURE.
I tend to draw inspiration for a play from the play itself.  In this play, Evelyn is neat and organized, so the set pieces I look for try to fit that personality.

And that inspiration is leading you to do what exactly?
Rapture GP Right Iso (Click to view!)


Christina Forga, Costume Designer
Why do you like designing?
I like designing costumes because it is a personal and intimate way of telling a story.  The cut of a character’s clothing and the relationship he/she has with their body, their movement, and that clothing is a story in itself that aids in the complexity of character choices and relationships making them vibrant and alive.

Tell me about the inspiration you’re working with for RAPTURE.
My inspiration for Rapture is coming from the differences in generation of the characters.  Specifically the differences between Lucy and Evelyn, contrasting the older generation with the younger in color, style, impression, and aesthetic.

And that inspiration is leading you to do what exactly?

Evelyn costume

lucy costume 2

I just feel the script speaks for itself here!
EVELYN:  And what is that outfit, anyway?
LUCY:  Isn’t it amazing? It only cost my five bucks.
EVELYN:  I can tell.
LUCY:  I found it in this weird little store in Queens.
EVELYN:  One of these days you’re going to have teach yourself to look in the mirror before you leave.

You can get your tickets now to see Rapture, March 7-22 at Nimbus Theatre in Northeast Minneapolis.

No, no, it’s not THAT kind of rapture.

Our brand spankin’ new play is in rehearsals, and we wanna share the excitement with you!

Actors Karen Bix, Carl Schoenborn, Director Tanner Curl, and Actor Russ Dugger discuss the exciting pages before them.

Actors Karen Bix, Carl Schoenborn, Director Tanner Curl, and Actor Russ Dugger discuss the exciting pages before them.

In RAPTURE, a tenth of the world’s population instantly vanishes. The media emerges with a theory that those disappeared were artists, and dub the event ‘The Artist Rapture,’ but Thomas Kinkade lives again in this dark comedy about art and identity.

“We were interested in exploring our impulse to create art and the work of making art, but these topics can be so circular,” says Curl. “By creating this global event, it gives these characters and the audience a shared entry point for the questions raised by the show.”

To get a tiny taste, check out this video teaser.

See all our rehearsal pics on our Facebook page.

Next week: a look at the designs for Rapture!

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Mostly it’s awesome how hard Hannah works. It’s only not awesome when the rest of us want to be lazy. But mostly it’s awesome. And we love her. – Heids


Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Happy Birthday,      Hannah!

the most devoted
to hard work. but also, she’s
good at being cute.

For Amber. A Birthday Poem.

We’ve been spoiled with a holiday visit by our favorite Swiss Miss. Amber is about as kind as it gets and we sure miss having her sunny attitude around all the time! Happy Birthday, cutie cutie! – Heids


Happy Birthday, Amber!

Happy Birthday, Amber!

 sweet as swiss candy

conquers the world with kindness

while rocking stylin’ hair

For Laura. A Birthday Poem.

She’s our leader, our pusher, our warrior. Often the first idea and more often than not, the last word. Also, she’s pretty good about bringing snacks. It’s Artistic Director, Laura Leffler-McCabe’s Birthday today and we love her so, haiku. – Heids


Happy Birthday, Laurita!

Happy Birthday, Laurita!

captain and leader,
she feeds the hungry artists.
plz, watch for hip checks

For Rachel, A Birthday Poem.

It’s Rachel’s birthday and we’re so proud of the work she’s doing in Grad school but maaaaaaaaaaaaaan we miss her, lots n lots. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!


trying and learning.
snuggled in Maine. our bold friend.
we love her bravery.

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