Reviews for Ravagers

I have some reviews and comments for ya’ll this week. See you soon


Review from the CityPages


“YOU MUST see this show. This is amazing theatre created right here in Minneapolis, it uses our talent, our space, our people, and is done for us. Don’t miss this show. It has stayed with me since seeing it Friday and has only grown on me. This is the type of theatre that I love…Right now it’s my sleeper hit of 2011.” -Audience feedback from Damon Runnals


 Review from Twin Cities Daily Planet


‎”I see a lot of theatre. That’s a given. Rarely do I see theatre that punches me in the gut the way Savage Umbrella’s THE RAVAGERS did last night. It was elegant, disturbing, and so human. Go see it.” -Audience feedback from Timothy Otte


Review from Aisle Say Twin Cities


“Just got back from Savage Umbrella’s THE RAVAGERS. I honestly try to reserve the use of the word “sublime” for situations that truly deserve it, and this production, especially its gorgeously executed pivotal sequence, was a sublime theatrical experience for me. Holy buckets, people, Savage Umbrella is risking and succeeding. See it.” -Audience feedback from Tom Borger


Review from Lavender


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Review from Twin Cities Metro